Introducing two new themed days!

At our next installment of the Young Architect Conference Series, we will be hosting two special “themed” days. These days were created to honor the two largest groups among our attendees; those seeking licensure and those looking to or running their own firms. These special themed days also allow you, the attendee, to “choose your own adventure” meaning you can attend all fives day or the four days that best fit your current needs.

The themed days are Small Business Saturday and Study Sessions Sunday.

Small Business Saturday is for those who own their own small firm, aspire to one day, or want to learn more about the practice. It will start with an inspiring keynote focused around small firm owners, have two “Ask the Expert” sessions, and back by popular demand, the Small Firm Panel.

Study Sessions Sunday is for those seeking licensure. It will start with a motivational keynote focused around what it takes to become licensed, and then there will be ARE Trivia, Licensure Panel Discussions, and Mindset & Methodologies to Studying