Leadership. Connection. Service.

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Leadership. Connection. Service.


Calling all Young Architects, Emerging Professionals, Architecture Students and Architecture Graduates.

Join Future Leaders in the Profession of Architecture and Community to discuss and explore topics of Leadership, Connection and Service within Architecture. For 3 Days we will Interact, Engage and Inspire each other.

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The Future of The Architecture Profession


The Profession is Changing faster than it ever has.


From Construction Documents, Licensure, Technology, Communication, Marketing, Professionalism, The Workplace, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. The Baby Boomers are retiring and the millennials are starting their own firms and businesses. Everything about how we work and live is drastically different then it was 20 years ago.


“The way it’s always been done” is questioned and challenged more every single day.


It’s time to acknowledge these changes and look towards creating a more successful Profession of Architecture for ourselves and future generations.


The mission for the Young Architect conference is:
To Explore: Leadership, Connection and Service within Architecture.


All keynotes, workshops, parties and everything related to this conference will connect back to Leadership, Connection and Service in some way shape or form.

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Why The Young Architect Conference?


I (Michael Riscica) have attended and spoken at dozens of architecture conferences all over America. I have noticed:

  • It has always felt one sided. Wayyyy too much talking, talking and talking and not enough interaction amongst all the powerful people sitting there listening (who are often more interesting then the people on stage).
  • The lack of focus on the next generation of the profession, when clearly there is interest and energy around this topic.
  • Architect conferences can become more about the Product Industry’s shiny new window or who can donate the most money and less about having powerful conversations focused on serving our profession or community.

After seeing many missed opportunities every year, it is overdue for a conference created with YOU in mind– The Young Architect Conference.

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